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Our Work

We pride ourselves in our creativity in finding solutions to challenges. Below are some examples of interesting projects we have worked on. This is a small portion of the services we provide our customers day to day. 


The Challenge Piece

If you stop moving you stop improving. We decided to take this on as a challenge project to improve our work holding and layout techniques. The end result was fantastic. 


The Delicate Job

We maintain a standing order of custom jewelry that requires us to maintain consistent results across a great span of time and materials. This is a demonstration of the diversity of abilities we poses as well as our continuing efforts to provide premier laser engraving and cutting services.


The Fishing Reel

This was an example of adapting to new things. This was our first project involving a fishing reel. It was a very satisfying process and is a very popular service we now provide. 


The Tumbler

One of our most sought after products, the engraved tumbler. This is where your imagination can become reality. An extremely fun job to prepare and set up, we always love the prospect of engraving tumblers for our customers. 


The Batch Job

Multi part orders show our ability to produce repeatable and accurate products. Small or large orders, pieces need to match start to finish. We use various techniques from complicated jigs to simple guides to ensure quality across the job is maintained. 

Get a Quote

Feel free to reach out to us for a quote on your project. We are here to help provide a solution to your laser engraving, marking and cutting needs. 

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